IP, Storytelling, and Expanding the Narrative

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On the eve of this year’s IAAPA Attractions Expo, I—Ian—had the pleasure of joining Amusement Advantage’s Josh Liebman and Matt Heller of Performance Optimist Consulting as a guest on their podcast, Attraction Pros, to talk about Vizir’s work in bridging the gap between IP holders and experience creators.

Over the course of the hour-long episode, we talk about: attractions as narrative extensions, reconciling source material, fandom, and good storytelling when developing experiences, and effective ways to not only immerse guests in storyworlds but allow them to live in these created universes. Bonus: find out how Vizir got its name!

Thanks to Josh and Matt for inviting me to talk about what Vizir does and the ideas and concepts that fuel our passion for the attractions industry.

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