Vizir is committed to SERVING ITS CLIENTS through  ACTIVE COLLABORATION and Distinct CREATIVE Vision. 


from our clients & PARTNERS

"I had a great experience working with Ian at Vizir Productions on some park concept planning and illustration work and I would definitely do so again. Ian has an understanding of the entertainment world required for such an undertaking and has great attention to logistics, detail and design. Any hitches we ran into in the process he had several ideas to offer as well as being open to others he may not originally have considered, which in my experience has been a exceptionally valuable asset. I would definitely recommend his creative direction and concept development talents to other companies wishing to achieve a transporting and credible vision.”
–Sara Gilman
Illustrator & Concept Artist

"As a consulting producer, Ian always brought a wealth of great ideas and different angles to those from others. Each day of our creative sessions, he came with an amazing attitude and great insight into pop culture. He really made a valuable contribution to our team.”
–Sean Kelly
Executive ProducerWilshire Studios

“I am truly impressed with the quality of Ian’s research and writing.”
–Christian Parker
ChairMFA Theatre Program, Columbia University

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ian for around 5 years now, and he’s truly been the core talent behind many great projects. He always has a clear, creative vision that he’s able to communicate to a team, and ultimately bring to life. He’s an organized and thoughtful leader, and will always find creative solutions while meeting all of the project’s goals and deadlines."
–Marshall Meier
Co-Founder, Monolith Design Collective

"My firm had an overabundance of work and we needed resources we could trust who would work with clients in the same way we do, with a strong-hands on and collaborative approach. We also needed an extra dose of creativity given the sheer quantity of projects we were working on. Vizir fulfilled both of those objectives. Ian has been able to hand-hold our clients through the brand identity, web development and collateral development processes. We continue working with Vizir to this day and consider Ian as an asset to our team. Vizir is equally creative and project management focused (a rare treat) and we highly recommend Ian for the entire process from brand and concept development to campaign execution.”
–Chasten Fulbright
Creative Innovator & Principal, Blanton Turner

"Ian and I have worked together on many types of creative projects that have included complex data visualization, illustration, editorial reports, infographics and visual identity guidelines. Both as a colleague and a contractor, Ian is consistently available to discuss project status, upcoming deadlines, and recall past iterations with ease, making the designer’s job easy. 

Ian is able to perform equally well as an organized project manager, a rich storyteller, and a creative problem solver. As a result, I am able to focus on the work at hand with the utmost confidence that the story will be translated and articulated to the client accurately and with passion. Even when I find myself stuck or in a creative rut, Ian is always able to help me see things from a different perspective. At times, I have felt that Ian was a stronger creative thinker than the designers on the team.

I think his ability to weave storytelling and reasoning into a beautiful execution is what makes him so successful. I would recommend his talents for storytelling, brand positioning, creative direction, writing, project management (so long as it has some creative angle, otherwise it’s a waste of talent), producer, giving presentations or speaking."
–Renee Granillo
Art Director, Column Five

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