Etherhouse is an immersive, theatrical walk-through experience proposed for the LACMA Art + Technology Grant through a team of creative professionals including Vizir founder, Ian Klein, assembled under the name "Helioscope." The design brief describes the project as "a narrative-rich installation that immerses guests in the act of processing grief in the digital age, exploring the physical and digital spaces we inhabit, which linger on as simulacra of ourselves long after we’ve left them behind." Read the full experience treatment at this link.

In it, guests explore their physical environment while immersed in fictional social media feed updated based on the proximity of the guest's mobile device to roos and objects creating a unique tie between the physical and digital worlds. In addition, a unique, location-aware projection mapping system, responds to the guest’s location within the space by triggering interactive projected content. As guests move through the space, they experience the echoes of a character's life and death through the physical environment she left behind.

Vizir's work involved story, concept development, creative direction, and show writing. Find out more about Etherhouse here.

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